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Best and worst things about living in halls

Best and worst things about living in halls The noise It will be noisy from the first night you get there until your last hour. Students are known to throw parties, have people over, leave and go back into their rooms at odd hours so get used to it. If you love to sleep, invest in a good pair of earplugs or if you want to study, get to the library, it’s probably quieter there. Also, be mindful of your own noise. [...]

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Mario Kart Society Where: University of Essex Essex University’s Mario Kart Society “is based on the Mario Kart Double Dash game. There’s a Double Dash league and knockout tournaments”, as well as social events and volunteering, says their website. These include “a huge amount of dress up and a variety of different themes, such as a Mario v Luigi themed night.”   Pokemon Society Where : Anglia Ruskin University It started 6 years ago and it has remained, throughout the years, a bastion for pokemon [...]

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